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Nutreeplus: Who we are

Nutreeplus is an independent distributor for the nutritional supplement manufacturer called Life Plus.  This website is owned and operated by Westie International.

Why Nutritional Supplements

In a summary of US Document #264, 74 Congress 2nd Session written and printed in 1936 it was stated; "our farm soils and rain soils are depleted of minerals, and the crops, grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts that are grown on these farms and rain soils are mineral deficient; people who eat them get mineral deficiency diseases, and the only way to prevent these diseases is with mineral supplements."  Do you think that the soil has gotten any better?  No, it hasn't.

Another factor to make my case for nutritional supplements is the fact that farmers put only NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium) back into the soil, but the soil needs about 60 minerals to be healthy, and in 10 years of usage by trees and plants, the soil will be depleted of nutrients.   

The farmers cannot afford to put 60 minerals back into the soil because they would have a financial disaster if they did.  So if you only put back 3 minerals into the soil but you are taking 60 minerals out, what do you think is happening to the soil over time?

What about food left for awhile

Food is preserved, and unless you are gathering, cooking and eating your food right away, the nutrient levels are diminish over time by more than 50%.  Which means that the only way to remain healthy is via nutritional supplements.

Did you know this fact

The human body is genetically built to live between 120 - 140 years. Click here now review information on the 250 year old man who lived from 1678 to 1928.

In order to achieve this longevity. We need about 90 nutrients in our diet every day to stay healthy and have the ultimate nutrition plan.  This plan consist of:

60 Minerals

16 Vitamins

12 Essential Amino Acids or Protein building blocks
3 Essential Fatty Acids

These nutrients must be in complete and optimal amounts in order to be beneficial.  This ultimate nutrient plan can only be achieve today by nutritional supplements. You will also need to have proper levels of water intake daily, a regular exercise program or regiment, adequate daily sleep and keep your body weight in check.

What should be done now

It is unfortunate that I have to say this but nutritional supplements has become a vital part of sustaining life today and in the future. It is important that everyone who cares about their good health and nutrition start a program of supplementation following a plan close to the above mentioned ultimate nutrition plan.

Are all nutritional supplements' sources good

Some people might think that any source for nutritional supplements is good for example a pharmacy or supermarket but this is not correct.  The manufacturing process, freshness and potency of the nutritional supplement is very important since in many cases more than 95% of what you ingest is wasted in the body if the source is cheaply made, been on the supplier shelf a long time, contains fillers or are metal derived instead of being chelated or plant derived.

Life Plus logo

Life Plus Independent Member

Why are Life Plus' products better

  • All of Life Plus' nutritional products are of the highest potency allowed. And in all cases exceed the minimum standards set by government agencies.

  • Their nutritional supplements are also tested and recheck to make sure that they will do what is expected as stated by the product information sheet.

  • Products are made within days of being shipped to retain freshness and effectiveness.

  • We use cold production processing. Heat destroys enzyme and vitamin activity.  To prevent this from happening, Life Plus uses Cold Processing, which retains the potency of these nutrients, so their true value can be optimized. 

  • 30 day no risk "money back" product guarantee. If a Customer Member is dissatisfied with any Life Plus product under the Company's guarantee policy, he or she may return it to Life Plus within 30 days from the date of purchase for either credit or refund of the purchase price, excluding shipping charges and handling fees.

Click here now, go to our Nutreeplus nutritional supplements product listing section to review Life Plus' products!!!

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